The Captain's Legacy

Since Captain William Scoresby's first voyage to the Arctic region, explorers, sailors, and historians have published a variety of texts documenting Arctic discovery. While some like the Hakluyt Society have printed copies of Scoresby journals, other have written original works that detail many different voyages. In any case, the Scoresby name has remained synonymous with Arctic discovery.

Handbook of Arctic Discoveries


The English were not the only men lured to the mysteries of the Arctic. Adolphus Greely was an American explorer who, like Captain Scoresby, found himself sailing for Greenland. Greely admired those who sailed before him and gives his due credit to Scoresby in his Handbook of Arctic Discoveries.


Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions

The achievements of the Scoresby family were celebrated by more than just explorers. This reputable source comes from mathematician Sir John Leslie. In this text, Leslie recounts a story told by our Captain of a bear that climbed aboard his ship in the Greenland Sea.

The Hakluyt Society remembers the Scoresby men for their achievements. In 2003 they published this set of the younger Scoresby's journals from 1811-1813.

A Voyage of Discovery: made under the orders of the admiralty, in his majesty's ship Isabella and Alexander, for the purpose of exploring Baffin's Bay
The Captain's Legacy